Pai piranha fishing park

Pai piranha fishing park

Big berther the catfish

Big berther the catfish
7.4 kg walking catfish the biggest so far

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Pai Piranha Fishing Park


Welcome to the Pai Piranha Fishing Park

My names Dave and I'm the proud owner of the Pai Piranha Fishing Park & Guesthouse located in the foothills above Pai in Northern

After living in Pai for 14 years I decided 8 years ago it was time to follow my passion and create this fantastic park only 5 minutes from
Mhor Paeng Waterfall and 10 minutes from the City Centre.

To find me all you have to do is follow the signs from the Pai Hospital, staying on the same road for approximately 7km.

The road is well signed so you should have no problems.


The fishing park consists of 2, good size ponds that I intend to make in to 1 large pond very soon and a family run Guesthouse all set in a beautiful mountain side location.

We have been lucky enough to recieve plenty of good reveiws on trip advisor and have been voted No:2 best thing to do in Pai.


Half day ticket 1-3 hours will cost 100B,(per person) this includes all your fishing equipment, 1 rod and
a free bucket of bait.

Full day ticket 1-8 hours will cost 200B,(per person) this includes all your fishing equipment, 1 rod and
a free bucket of bait.

These prices are inclusive and based on a per person system, 2 people may share 1 rod, but not 3 or 4
people using 1 rod.

If you have your own fishing equipment a 10% discount will be applied but you will not recieve a free
 bucket of bait.

If you are staying at our guesthouse the fishing is free but you must purchace the bait...

Additional bait may be purchased here:

Small bucket of paste 30B
Large bucket of paste 60B

Flavoured ground bait 20B a bag


Bread (4 slices)  10B
Thai sausage small bag  20B
Thai sausage large bag  30B
Tin a sweetcorn  40B
Small mussels  40B
Large mussels  50B
Chicken liver  40B
Dead baits   50B

As you can see the bait prices are very reasonable, so a days fishing here will not break the bank.


This is a catch and release fishing park so all fish must be returned to the water as soon as possible,
unharmed, please do not throw them back,place them back gently so they may recover from there fight.

Barbless hooks to be used at all times, to limit any damage to the fish.

Maximum 2 rods per fisherman.

Do not leave rods unatended as they are frequently pulled into the lake due to people not paying attention....
(please do not play on facebook while fishing) you will be charged for a lost rod..

Many of our fish are quite large now so you CAN NOT rush the fish when you are playing it, you must take your
time and bring it in slowly and always use the landing nets provided.

All the equipment you are provided with is in good condition, so if you brake the fishing rod or reel you will
be charged....

Broken rod  1000B
Broken reel 1000B
Lost terminal tackle 100B
Lost pliers 150B

Please put all your rubbish in the bins provided and bring back all your equipment when you have finished

Many thanks fello fisher people..

Eating and Drinking
We have a large selection of western and Thai food available,
including our world famous full English breakfast and delicious lasagne along with a few other tasty treats...

As for drinking, well you know that fishing without a beer is highly illegal in Thailand so we have designed our bar around you needs, so you may easily fish while your sat at the bar. Happy Days.. Also GIN n TONIC'S are a fixed price of 50baht all year round...

Park opening hours 10a.m. to 6p.m. daily.


Bungalow 1
Bungalows 2 and 3 on the lake
Bungalow 4 (sleeps 3 people)
  • Bungalow No.1   low season 500B  high season 700B
  • Bungalow No.2   low season 600B  high season 800B
  • Bungalow No.3   low season 600B  high season 800B
  • Bungalow No.4   low season 700B  high season 900B
  • Free pickup and drop off from Pai if you are staying at the guesthouse so don't struggle with that heavy rucksack. But we do recommend you hire your own motorbike as we are 7km out of town.
  • All rooms have tv and dvd with remote ceiling fans, bungalows 2and 3 have a kitchen area.

New for 2013, we now offer motor bike rental. Currently we have 3 Honda Clicks(automatic) 

    Rental costs are 100B half day or 150B full day for the Honda Clicks.


When booking your accommodation, please let us know if you would like to rent a bike....
(Please note, these bikes do not come with insurance, so if you crash them, YOU pay for them......) 
Contact Dave on (+66) 053065187 or (+66) 0857075074 English


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

PiranhaPark Fishing Tours To Chaing Mai

Piranha Park Fishing Tours To Chaing Mai

Once in a while we run fishing trips down to Chaing Mai's Bo Sang Lake, these prove not only to be a good excuse to get very drunk (big Leo beer at this place is only 50B a bottle) but also to catch some huge fish...

Over the past 4 years that I have been fishing here we have never failed to catch, and some days we have to bring the rods in out of pure exhaustion.

 Bo Sang to the Thais is stocked primarily with giant Mekon catfish and stripped catfish, both these variety's are extremely hard fighting and often smash through the tackle we use. The average size of these monsters is between 8 and 20kg but sometimes we do hook into something a lot bigger. The lake record is around the 35kg mark but the biggest I've ever seen is 22kg (48lb)..but whatever size fish you catch, it's great fun...

Please note fishing exsperiance is vital for these trips

The tour's that I run normally start off from Pai at 6 in the morning, so we arrive at the lake at around 9. We normally try to arrange it this way so you can do your fishing trip on the day you are leaving Pai and therefore don't have to return back up the mountain and get travel sick more than is necessary......!!!!!!!

All trips include: pick up from your Guesthouse to the lake and drop off in Chaing Mai, Full set of quality fishing equipment, all the bait (which is often quite a lot) and the entrance fee to the lake. Also a picnic style pack lunch is supplied.

  • Single person 2000B
  • 2 people 1800B each
  • 3 people 1600B eachItalic
  • 4 people 1300B each
We take a maximum of 4 people otherwise it can get very difficult, especially if everyone has a fish on at the same time. These prices are for the full day's fishing 9am to 5pm.

If you are staying in Chaing Mai then the price will be reduced accordingly. But please note that we only come down to Chaing Mai if there is 3 or more that wish to go fishing.

Recieve a 10% discount if you are staying at Piranha Fishing Park

Monday, June 20, 2011

Swimming with the Piranha

Many people ask if you can go swimming' well here is your answer...... Yes you can but you normally have to be very drunk......

We regually have BBQ's and Party's and quite freqently they end up with somebody diving in the lake...

Friday, August 28, 2009

Short video of us releasing some good size catfish.

Just press play and go and do something else for 10min's, can take a while to load sometimes!!!!!